Ditto Mag is a new platform to showcase student's from the full range of disciplines within art and design. Predominately focusing on those studying at Manchester School of Art. The exciting exhibitions that are disregarded, the unique undervalued projects that have the ability to open eyes to new beginnings and the collaborations that need that bit more of a yell about.

Featuring beautifully constructed projects that are often judged by assessment and are given no authority to overlook learning outcomes. Ditto sees the potential of creative and intriguing ideas that are in fact quite experimental and hefty in concept. The projects some emerging artists and designers produce need to be celebrated. Yet, often, a lack of confidence is what stops this.

Ditto aims to aid emerging creatives to find their voice and step up to get their work out there. Instead of shying about in the shadows till they think they've 'made it' - whatever that means. Bridging the gap between education and industry and bringing a closer creative community together. Let's be smart with smart ideas and share inspiration whatever the source.