Without Obligation of Shape or Stillness

Without Obligations of Shape or Stillness is a group exhibition including works by four artists, Zac Bradley, Elizabeth Lyons, Bethany Costerd and Ilektra Maipa. Each work in the exhibition hesitates to conform to a fixed narrative, like dreams or memories. They are not part of a linear sequence; more a series of images and fragments that can be experienced individually or stitched together, each time anew.


Zac Bradley responded to his fantasies of building a house in the future; luxuriating in descriptions of houses and the domestic. He wanted the pieces to represent a promise he had made to engage in an hour building project in the distant future. A way to make his aspirations manifest, essentially giving the items a purpose. In that sense, they are representative of himself, in that they are things that want to be settled. Having an ideal space for these works didn't restrict their display; "I am perfectly happy to show them in a gallery space, maybe I'll feel differently when the ideal actually exists".

Hearing others refer to them as 'domestic scale' painting first tipped Zac off to a convergence. Surprised that this hadn't occurred to him earlier, he felt perhaps his initial desire to create a home drove him subconsciously to curate it, to populate the house that he wants with artifacts of his design. "I have to dredge through these sporadic thoughts, polish them, clean them, so maybe one day they will grow from aspiration to vision".


Elizabeth Lyons' explored the photograph as an object. A literal emanation of light from the subject or referent. Her concern was to make unique images that were tactile and less transient, using the slow more contemplative technique of analogue photography, embracing the often unexpected and serendipitous actions of light an chemicals on paper.


Bethany Costerd's sculptures took formal inspirations from her 'archive' of scraps and offcuts and her interest in methods of display. These discarded shapes informed new works which embraced the playful spirit of the objects through precarious structures.


Ilektra Maipa focused her work on conceptual and visual aspects of digital collages, concrete poetry, installations, and gifs. In her practice she focuses on small narratives with no defined storyline, presenting the lac of beginning and end. Moreover, she explores these complexities through the juxtaposition of several formal and visual elements that create paradoxical layers of meaning.

Fiona Finchett