Rory Spencer


Rory Spencer who explains his practice to simply be just his every day, truly engrosses himself in the creative world. There isn’t a point where Rory stops to think about what he makes, it is who he is. ‘There’s so much to see!’ he exclaims, as Rory believes his practice is how he is perceived and how he perceives others.


Preferring to work as early in the morning as possible, Rory cycles to the studio and uses predominately music to keep his energy and focus high. Making things keeps Rory’s excited attitude at a hundred percent. He describes his typical week as ‘business in the front, party in the back’, joking that expression could be used to interpret his constant bed-headed style.


Although finding it difficult to sit still, Rory chuckles, ‘lying down is easy’. His bizarrely cluttered studio space is situated right by the main door to the second floor of the studio. Therefore, this keeps him satisfied as his often-distracting need to socialise is fulfilled - while managing to stay at his desk. This distracting nature is also apparent in his way of working. Rory doesn’t like to spend too much time on one thing. Approaching project ‘head on’ as he feels the idea will come to him eventually if he persistently makes.

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