Rowan Batoctoy


Rowan Batoctoy focuses on painting portraiture. She strives to use the canvas as a mirror to show and reflect emotion, as well as a barrier representing alienation, uncertainty, and the omnipresent discordance between the conscious and the subconscious self.

Borrowing ideas from Jungian psychology and classical literature, her goal is to create something that resonates with the viewer, believing that the empathetic nature of the human should be acknowledged and affected by art. She does so by recreating her own image as charged but unfocused - forcing a connection that obliges to be considered whilst highlighting the imperfect knowledge of both the artist and the viewer.

In her spare time, she likes to write lighthearted short stories and paint whimsical portraits of family members and pets, to release herself from the sometimes heavy self-imposed task of constantly contemplating ways to darken her practice and exploring the metaphysical identity.

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