Ruth Wedgbury

Ruth Wedgbury is a practitioner who places herself within the visual arts. Her photographic practice is situated within Fine Art Documentary, mostly produced through analogue processes. Using a research-based methodology, Ruth makes connections to anthropology and literature. She also has an interest in making hand-crafted artist books which run in small editions.

Worried Objects is a project which studies the craftsmanship of absentmindedness, objects that no longer serve a function and that have been distractedly handled and then rejected. Ruth is interested in the relationship between sculpture and the photographic, materiality and anthropology, and authorship and truth. Her practice as a whole explores materiality as an indication of the real.

She put these throwaway objects in to the light of artefacts, and when documented with a camera they manifested themselves into what otherwise might be hidden, the unconscious mind.

Fiona Finchett