Tom Warburton

Summing up his Instagram as ‘atmospheric, moody, wanderlust and to some degree, quite random’, Tom Warburton has used this platform as a way to find his feet with photography. Trying out a variety of visual styles and experimenting with the local environment, it enabled him to build an ongoing love-letter/scrapbook to Manchester and the areas he grew up in. Tom describes his feed as a mixture of work in progress and finished images. At present, he has been exploring how to use lighting in interior spaces to create a sense of atmosphere. ‘It’s mostly for fun, but also as a step up for my film work’, Tom explains. ‘I want to make more abstract spaces, then slowly introduce a character into the environment to see how they can react to it’. He believes the moody tones have always moved through his work; harsh shadows and highlighted colours reflect how he see’s the image in the moment. Tom defines his editing process as a way of recapturing the photo to his own vision and publishing it to an audience.

The majority of his images aren’t planned.His camera lives in his backpack, always at hand if anything catches his eye. In awe of the cityscapes and the power play of structures, Tom is always trying to find new ways to traverse the landscape of the city in a way that is fresh and fun. There is always a childlike wonderment to his view of the city.

Fiona Finchett