to May 25


Insight illustrates a collection of photographer's work but also the work's progress. An exhibition which is intended as a testimony against the restraints put upon aspiring artists has very little boundaries and gives our photographers a theme in which their work has the freedom to expand and evolve in the most organic way possible.

  • James Hatfield
  • Adriana Szczerepa
  • Charlie Williams
  • Christina Diakou
  • Elisabeth Monro
  • Sandra Blackwood
  • Michelle Coyne
  • Miriam Broadhurst
  • Chloe Oliver
  • Aarya Sharma
  • Ellen Campbell

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to May 24


Exhibition exploring concepts of territory, boundaries and invasion of privacy.

  • Perry Brandon Leach
  • Jade Hannah Smallshaw
  • Patrick Smith
  • Megan Bailey
  • Esme Windsor
  • Lauren Jenkins
  • Taormina Natalie Miller
  • Phoebe Nicole Fleet
  • Zoë Barry
  • Summer Knowles
  • Millie Pargeter
  • Ben Davies

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to May 17

To Board a Plane

A collaboration between Manchester School of Art, the University of Salford, and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art.


'To board a plane' is a phrase banned on social media in China due to its association with the Chinese term ‘to ascend the throne’. 

This group exhibition of mixed media work by postgraduate students and staff from Manchester School of Art and the University of Salford responds to the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art’s (CFCCA) recent exhibition 'NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists'.

To Board a Plane explores the notion of dystopia, with artists reflecting on censorship in China, the oppression women face in the current global climate, and the rapidly evolving relationship between humans and machines. 

  • Michele Friswell
  • Benjamin Green
  • Pauline Kaushal
  • Beccy Kennedy
  • Zhen Li
  • Keith Bloody Mary
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6:00 PM18:00

2 Glasses of Red & an Exhibition Guide

True communication is an impossible ideal, but it's a pleasure to give it a go. To interact, to talk, drink, dance, fuck, open up emotionally, kiss foreheads and under mistletoe, hug, and angst, and to make art- to make oneself feel good through engaging with the world softens the harsh truth that we may just be doomed to never really know what our neighbour knows.

  • Madeleine Ismael
  • Rosie Wells
  • Olivia WarbyMelissa Galley
  • Leon Thompson
  • Leigh O'Loughlin
  • Hayley Harman

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to May 1


"We have come together as a group, as we all want to raise awareness about the body and gender. Our work portrays different aspects of these taboos and how they are affecting today's society. However even though our context and color palette is similar the range of techniques and mediums we use are very vast, meaning each piece of work is unique." Melissa Jade Brawn

  • Sophie Owens
  • Courtney Watson
  • Melissa Jade Brawn
  • Antia Caldeiro

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Bathroom Darkroom Project
to May 4

Bathroom Darkroom Project

Exhibition Preview & Publication Launch of the Bathroom Darkroom Project, a year-long series of residencies in a temporary darkroom set up in the bathroom of a shared rented house. This exhibition features the work of the twelve artists who took part, and we will be launching the publication featuring writers responding to the themes of the project.

  • Anna Columbine
  • Anna Lilleengen
  • Barbara Jones
  • Elizabeth Lyons
  • Elizabeth Wewiora
  • Hayleigh Longman
  • Lydia Marley
  • Matt Leeves
  • Melaine King
  • Jennifer Brookes
  • Tabitha Jussa

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Save it for Leftovers
6:00 PM18:00

Save it for Leftovers

‘(Save it For) Leftovers’ explores themes of waste, debris, remnants and leftovers; whether they are personal or constructional, domestic or functional. Through paint, sculpture, assemblage or collage, it’s collected, captured, repurposed, unnoticed.

  • Maisie Pritchard @mais.a.p
  • Alicia Milner @milner_makes
  • Jonnie Brookes @yahboycones
  • Jay Mulholland @jay.mulh

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Ditto Mag (Issue One) Launch Party / Exhibition
6:00 PM18:00

Ditto Mag (Issue One) Launch Party / Exhibition

Ditto Mag is launching its first issue! So it is time to PARTY!


  • Ditto Mag Issue One launch! Chance to grab a copy!
  • Exhibition of the featured artists and designers!
  • Music by Korzi! (
  • Smoooz and introduce yourself to loads of other creatives and like minded people!


  • The incredible Bagel Shop, Northern Quarter. M4 1LE (Yes they sell scrumptious bagels that you MUST get your face in) - no excuses for post-work rumbling bellies!


  • Get yourself a ticket, it's only a quid (and includes a free beer token courtesy of Hobo Beer + Co)!
  • Donations are more than welcome! We ain't done a Kickstarter or anything like that... just saw that something needed to be done and did something about it!
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